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Trustpilot Commenting Guidelines

The internet is a great place where sharing, informing others, and discovering new ideas, is all at your fingertips. We at Trustpilot wholeheartedly encourage our community to engage and contribute.


Please keep in mind the Golden Rule: Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.


Basically, play nice. Think, before you post.


Do share your opinions, let people know what you think. Sharing is a great way to enhance your experience and that of others.


Of course, companies can still publicly respond to consumer reviews using the Company Reply function.


Remember that politeness is a good thing.


Do respect that not everyone will share the same opinion; the community is composed of many different people who have diverse points of view. Tolerance is expected.


Create conversations. Tell stories. Get involved. Leave feedback. People are listening. It's a great way to connect, meet new people, and discover new places to shop.


The more you interact, the better you make Trustpilot for everyone.


Don't be rude, malicious, or vindictive. This is not a venue for tedious ranting. If you're bored, go for a walk.


Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself. Don't post anything obscene.


Do not mislead, deceive, incite, inflame, threaten, harass, intimidate, or partake in any behaviour that your dear grandmother, nor we, would not approve of. We will not tolerate racism or hateful language.


This is not a forum for advertising. So please refrain from trying to hawk your goods on Trustpilot.

On a final note:

We are serious about these guidelines, so respect them.


Really, the rules are easy to follow. If you feel the need to break them, don't. However if you do, we reserve the right to hide your comments and ban you from making more comments, and we may do so without warning. We trust however, that won't happen. This is a community, after all. Apply due respect to your fellow members and they will return the favour in kind.


And remember to enjoy. Trustpilot is for you.


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