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Building trust between consumers and companies

We at Trustpilot are working hard to make sure that consumers are informed about the companies they buy from. Are they doing a good job? Does their customer service stand out? Do they deliver on their promises?

Our mission is to make shopping experiences more transparent.


Transparency is good for everyone

What better way to tell how a company is doing than to hear it straight from other consumers? All reviews, both the good and the bad, open up possibilities to build credibility, popularity and reputation.

Our commitment

Customer reviews are the core of the Trustpilot concept. We strive to provide authentic reviews that enable consumers to engage in dialogue with the companies they buy from.

Trustpilot is for you

This platform is made by you and for you. By sharing your experience online, you contribute to creating a better shopping experience for everyone. After all, sharing is caring.


If you'd like to learn more about how we strive to maintain trust at Trustpilot, please read about our Notify Support process.